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George Crumb: Star-Child

The Times, London – “…an astonishing display of orchestral fireworks…a tour de force, and I cannot imagine a finer recording than this one. The Warsaw forces under Thomas Conlin set out for us the whole grand, cosmic Pageant in a recording of literally cinematic impact and spectacle. Once heard, never forgotten. I hardly need add that I regard this CD as a mandatory purchase for anyone who cares about 20th Century music, or indeed music of any century.” – “Thomas Conlin leads the Warsaw Philharmonic to extraordinary heights in Crumb’s apocalyptic masterpiece.”

International Record Review – “The sustained intensity of Thomas Conlin’s performance is unlikely to be bettered…quite eclipsing the tentative coordination of the New York [Philharmonic] performance [under Pierre Boulez].”


Fanfare – “Both performances are stunning; Boulez’s tight and potent, Conlin’s warm and free. Despite the former’s credentials as one of the millennium’s musical greats, this emotional outpouring from Warsaw is irrestible.”


American Record Guide – “The Warsaw Philharmonic [under conductor Thomas Conlin] makes a brave, exciting noise in the climaxes and is wonderfully restrained in the long fade-in and fade-out.” – 10/10 (highest rating) “This miraculous disc represents the fulfillment of a dream for all those music lovers who find themselves captivated by Crumb’s haunting, evocative and passionate musical soundscapes…Bridge’s decision to embark on a complete edition of George Crumb’s music remains one of the most significant recording projects currently in progress, as well as one of the most artistically successful.”


Neue Zeitschrift für Musik – “Conlin’s conducting, though passionate and decisive, allows freedom of expression for the soloists.”


Pittsburgh Post Gazette – “one of the Ten Best Recordings of the Year”


The Gramophone – “…monumental…”


Classic CD – Highest Rating – Editor’s Choice


Klassik Heute – Recommended


George Crumb – “Winning the Grammy was supposedly for the composition, but what must have convinced the jury was [Conlin's] marvelous performance. It was a stunning achievement.”


Camargo Guarnieri: Piano Concertos nos. 1, 2, 3


The Gramophone – “The Warsaw Philharmonic responds with gusto and evident enjoyment to all three works, expertly directed by Thomas Conlin.” – “The performances are excellent…a real give-and-take between soloist and orchestra, with characterful thematic material cogently presented and tautly developed. Thomas Conlin offers able support and gets very respectable results from the Warsaw Philharmonic…they never sound uncomfortable with what must be a very unfamiliar idiom…balances are well judged…very impressive indeed.”


International Record Review – “…a riot of color, virtuosity and endless melody…primitive, rhythmically pounding… fiery…” – (5 stars)“Thomas Conlin, the conductor, is clearly in his element in this music…bluesy and hauntingly melodic…crisp rhythmic thrust…soulful legato” – “Max Barros [pianist] and the Warsaw Philharmonic [under conductor Thomas Conlin] deliver energetic performances of these colourful works…vibrant, dazzling sonorities…astonishingly lyrical themes…”


David’s Review Corner Online – “The performances are riveting…”


MusicWeb International – “Thomas Conlin seems eminently capable of persuading an ensemble to perform what must have been unfamiliar repertoire as though they had it in their bones.”


Yorkshire Post (UK) – “Max Barros is the fabulous soloist, with the Warsaw Philharmonic [under conductor Thomas Conlin] offering a superb accompaniment in a recording high on impact and rich in orchestral detail.”


The Observer (UK) – “Played with sparkling devotion by Max Barros, with the Warsaw Philharmonic under Thomas Conlin, they are a budget-priced delight.” – “A must-have for enthusiasts of twentieth-century Brazilian music…The fiercely committed performers give it all they’ve got and one finds oneself giving in to Guarnieri’s beguiling sounds.”


Fanfare – "The Warsaw Philharmonic contributes enthusiastic support... This release is definitely worth purchasing."

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